“The Minority Ethnic Women’s Network will to focus on the diverse needs and aspirations of all minority ethnic women in Scotland, by empowering them to work together to make a difference”.

 The following Terms of Reference (TOR) describe the purpose of the ME Women’s Network Steering Group and how it will operate.

1. Purpose of the ME Women’s Network Steering Group

  • The ME Women’s Network steering group is set up to:
  • Explore the feasibility of setting up a network
  • The steering group will be composed of individuals but not organisations or projects. The members will be volunteers (women) who have direct experience and knowledge of working with minority women and have a commitment to their empowerment.
  • Steering group will explore the feasibility of setting up a ME Women’s Network and make decisions about its vision, mission, objectives, structure and drafting relevant documents
  • To identify and solidify appropriate external relationships with stakeholders including other networks and organisations
  • Secure resources for the work and activities of ME Women’s Network
  • Promote awareness of the work and activities of ME Women’s Network  in Scotland
  • Liaise with possible funders; stakeholders; sponsors and any other relevant organisations
  • Form working groups to take forward actions and work where appropriate
  • The steering group will exist until the process of setting up the Network is completed

2. The duties of the Steering Group members are to:

  • Uphold the principles outlined in this TOR
  • Attend and participate in meetings of the Steering Group
  • Identify and steer activities for and of the ME Women’s Network
  • Agree and take forward actions from meetings of the Steering Group
  • Support the ME Women’s Network Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer in their duties
  • Keep informed of issues relating to women
  • Be proactive in personal development that will forward the work of the ME Women’s Network
  • Actively publicise and promote the work of the ME Women’s Network and recruit and encourage membership
  • Act in a confidential and sensitive manner at all times and demonstrate best practice in all affairs of the group
  • Ensure administration and running of meeting follow the Code of Good Governance and individual members to take responsibility for their attendance and send apologies in good time.
  • Ensure contact details held by the ME Women’s Network steering group are up to date; be responsible for information dissemination and communication.

3. Meetings and communication

The ME Women’s Network Steering Group will meet regularly according to business at hand and a special meeting can be called at any time to deal with urgent business

Special working groups can be formed at any time to take forward particular actions or project work. In such cases, the working groups must take responsibility for ensuring all decisions and progress are recorded and reported to the Steering Group.

Communication between the Steering Group members will be by written correspondence and other appropriate media including email and telephone and text messages. As a matter of courtesy and respect of each other the members will respond in good time if requested to do so.

If required, decisions can be made outside of the Steering Group meeting. In such cases, the chair or any other appropriate person will correspond in writing (including email) with group members. If no acknowledgement of correspondence or communication relating to an identified action or decision is received by the ME Women’s Network Secretary after the stipulated date, then consensus will be assumed.

Notes of the meetings of the working group will be filed for records but they will not be circulated to the public.

4. Termination of Membership

The following procedure will be used by members of the ME Women’s Network Steering Group who wish to terminate their membership:

  • The Steering Group member will inform the ME Women’s Network Chairperson in writing (including email) of her decision to stop being a member of the group.
  • The ME Women’s steering group chairperson will respond in writing (including email) within 14 days

4. Review of Terms of Reference

The Steering Group Terms of Reference (TOR) will be reviewed as required in accordance with the requirements of the needs of the ME Women’s Network Steering Group.