A Message from our Chair

Welcome to W1 MEWS, a new forum designed to give a powerful new voice to ethnic minority women in Scotland.

It has been established to provide new opportunities for advocacy and representation on critical issues that affect the professional and personal lives of ethnic minority women of all ages and backgrounds in Scotland today.

W1 MEWS was set up by and for ethnic minority women. We will highlight inequality, challenge stereotypes, celebrate achievements and attain greater public recognition of the valuable contribution ethnic minority women make to Scottish society in all walks of life.

It is a platform for ethnic minority women of all ages, backgrounds and experience to get together, support each other and be part of the change they would like to see. Members will select and debate issues which matter to them most and will engage with organisations and individuals who have the power to make positive change and who have a responsibility to address equality issues

W1 MEWS is focused on supporting a new generation of female leaders and spokespeople who can make a difference for themselves, their families and future generations of young women who will follow in their footsteps.

Rohini Sharm Joshi

May 2017